About Us

Our Core Strength:

Home Care At Its Best Inc., a licensed home care services agency (LHCSA), has proudly served the communities of Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, Bronx, Staten Island, and Nassau for over 15 years. Specializing in a comprehensive range of home care services, our agency excels in the clinical implementation of these services, with our quality directly linked to the expertise of our nurses. Over the years, we have worked with more than 1,500 RNs and LPNs, providing extensive hourly skilled services and supervisory visits in the comfort of our patients’ homes. Our commitment to excellence is evident in our continuous investment in nurse development, offering advanced training sessions led by Respiratory Therapists. Our agency is rooted in the hands-on experience of our RN owners who have extensive backgrounds in both home and hospital care, and who have developed a robust Private Duty Nursing Program.
We offer continuous skilled nursing services, also known as Private Duty Nursing, catering to individuals facing serious medical challenges. Our services are crucial for those with conditions such as ventilator dependence, tracheostomy, gastrostomy care needs, significant neurological disabilities, or any complex medical needs that prefer home-based care. Our expertise notably extends to pediatric home care, where we dedicate ourselves to supporting young patients with complex medical conditions to live comfortably at home.